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Collins Street, MELBOURNE


This NAB branch is located at one of the busiest retail junctions in Melbourne’s CBD. The Collins Street branch was undergoing a renovation in 2020 that included the installation of a major digital promotion sign at street level and the extensive use of opaque film at ground level windows for security reasons. Melbourne City Council had concerns with the extent of the privacy film and the visibility of the major promotion sign at the footpath level.


The proposal presented two separate challenges to our team. Due to the corner location of the branch we successfully demonstrated to council there was no possible for way for the bank to securely carry out their day to day functions without preventing the public viewing access to the ‘back of house’ secure offices within the branch. Melbourne Council accepted this position and the CS team also pointed to the fact that the use of opaque film on the windows rather than removal of the windows entirely was a favourable outcome because it allowed the windows to be easily converted to typical retail windows should a new business occupy the tenancy in the future. The digital major promotion sign was not supported by council but the CS team researched a similar sign erected by the clothes retailer ‘COACH’ on Collins Street pictured opposite. The team were able to obtain the 2012 council issued permit for this major lightbox sign and present this precedent setting approval to the assessing council planner in support of NAB’s major promotion sign.