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Collins Street, MELBOURNE


Moncler is increasing its presence in Australia and have chosen a store location at the Paris End of Collins Street in Melbourne CBD. Given the historical significance of Collins Street, the store location chosen is affected by Heritage Overlay and a number of strict planning requirements. CS were selected to lead the architect team through the Melbourne City Councils approval process.


The CS team has extensive experience in preparing planning applications where Heritage Overlay applies, especially within City of Melbourne. The starting point for the project required the completion of exceptionally detailed architect’s drawings of the existing features of the building. These drawings had to exactly match the as built conditions of the building before any discussions on what modifications could be made were held. We quickly identified that the awning and the engraved signage of the building frontage were previously altered. The glazing along the frontage was identified as non-significant to the heritage fabric and correctly classed as a modern addition that could be removed or modified. With the guidance of the CS team the client was able to present an acceptable demolition plan to Council as part of the planning application that was approved by councils heritage advisor with no amendments required. This allowed for an expedited planning approval for the project being issued and construction commencing ahead of schedule.