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Awarding Costs for a VCAT planning appeal.

vcat planning appeals

Sophie Thomas.


Very often clients who successfully overturn a council planning applicaiton decision want to seek compensation from the other party for costs incurred as a result of a VCAT appeal. This article looks at the circumstances under which costs can be awarded for a VCAT appeal. 

Planning Permits in Victoria

planning permits

Sophie Thomas.


Planning pemrits are often issued with the requirements for changes to the plans before the plans are finally approved. These are comonally referred to as conditional chnages and are described in this article. 

Town Planning in Victoria: Vicsmart vs full town planning application


Sophie Thomas.


Vicsmart is a process for fast tracking simple planning applications for smaller developments. This article outlines how a proposal may qualify as a Vicsmart applicaiton and also describes the difference between a full planning applicaiton and Vicsmart. 


The importance of accurate plans for a VCAT town planning appeal


Sophie Thomas works in our Business Support group and has a very strong career background in marketing for business' and customer service. She has very well developed negotiation skills which assist our client's in getting favourable outcomes from other stakeholders. Sophie has previous experience working in local government in her native home in the UK and has a very well developed understanding of the inner workings of local councils.

The burden rests with the planning permit applicant.