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Planning applications fall by 23% with the new zones


The planning activity summary has revealed a significant slash in total number of planning applications received since the new zones came into effect.

July 2014 - Councils rushing in for residential rezoning


In our last newsletter on June 2nd, 15 councils had submitted their rezoning to the state government, with only Greater Dandenong and Glen Eira approved.

Within one month, the minister has approved 11 of the proposed rezonings.

June 2014 - Rezoning deadline for councils fast approaching


Councils have until 1 July 2014 to introduce the new residential zones into their local planning schemes. Where there are 15 councils that have applied, only 2 have been approved - Glen Eira and Greater Dandenong.

September 2013 - VCAT Seek Feedback from Planning Consultants


This month CS Town Planning has been invited to a discussion forum by the Planning and Environment List Members of VCAT.