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Objectors now have more time to appeal planning approvals

Parliament have given an extra 7 days for objectors to lodge an appeal to VCAT

Sophie ThomasSophie Thomas has very well developed marketing, customer service and business negotiation skills which assist our clients in getting favourable outcomes from other stakeholders. With previous experience working in local government in the UK, Sophie has a very well developed understanding of the inner workings of local councils.

How the new planning regulations passed by Victoria Parilment give more time to objectors to appeal planning decisions

Planning Your Subdivision Project


Effective planning of a housing subdivision project is essential to ensure efficiency throughout the project. A subdivision project should encompass a number of tasks, all of which need to be completed as a simple a manner as possibe.

How big does a block need to be to subdivided?


This article sets out the minimum dimensions required to subdivide a property in an established residential street.