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Development feasibility

Engage an expert CS town planner at the beginning of your project to identify the maximum yield of your site.

Development feasibility is a document produced by a qualified planning expert against the backdrop of the local Council planning scheme.

It provides a clear overview of the likely outcome based on:

  • Your Council’s Local Planning Policy
  • What Zone your site falls under
  • Whether any overlays affect your site
  • Are there any encumbrances covenants or easements restricting your site

With an expert Town Planner to give advice and guidance at the beginning of the process, the end goal is clearer and more achievable.

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Development Concept and Design

Involve our skilled and creative CS Architects to provide you with a flawless development concept and design.

 At CS we provide a design service that will satisfy the wants of the client while meeting the needs of Council.

We understand that changes to plans equals time and money, therefore our expert town planners project manage our in-house architects to meet clients expectations as well as the local planning legislation. We aim to be transparent and realistic in our design.  This approach allows CS to strike a balance between adding value and the creative touch of the client, while enhancing the possibility of approval at Council, with few permit conditions.

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Planning Permit Preparation and Lodgement

At CS our planning experts lodge planning applications on a daily basis.

Experience has given us an insight into how different Councils operate and what we can do to make the assessment of your application quick and easy.

We can take the stress out of lodgement and ensure all components are included to promote a quick result.

Our services include filling out the application form, including property title, printing copies of the plans in appropriate sizes and preparing a written technical town planning report to accompany the application.  

Once this is done we project mange your application through the Council assessment process. We are on hand to answer questions on your behalf or provide additional information if it’s needed.

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VCAT Representation and expert witness

Appoint one of our highly skilled Planning Negotiators for your upcoming VCAT case.

At CS we use excellent negotiation skills reinforced by relevant planning legislation in order to obtain your desired outcome. Our VCAT experience is extensive and our success rate reflects this. We are skilled in representing residents, community groups, individuals or businesses.

Our experts can recommend if a barrister will add value to your case and if a mediation forum at VCAT is a better process for achieving the outcome you are seeking.

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