Here’s what some of the clients we have recently worked with had to say about their experience with our team:

"Thank you for your representation in revolving my planning dispute.  I was very much appreciated your courtesy and efficiency in your professional dealings. You willingness to listen to my case and your quick grasp of the situation gave me confidence in engaging your services. I will not hesitate to use your professional guidance in the future, should the need arise.  Thank you for your support in what has proved to be a frustrating time for me against what I consider to be a totally unreasonable municipal council."

- Frank Thexton - F.W. Thexton & Associates, Melbourne.

"I found your service to be very good and easy to deal with.  Thanks again for your help to get this completed."

- John Reus - Petstock Melbourne.

"CS Town Planning represented us at a VCAT mediation hearing in regard to a neighbouring development. They patiently, competently and confidently prepared and steered us through the process, presented our case without the emotional involvement of those directly involved, and most definitely achieved the best possible outcome under the circumstances."

- Kouli, Peter, Fred & Angelika Stoll - Northcote, Melbourne.